Contractor Information for the Residential Energy Efficiency Loan (REEL) Assistance Program

The California Hub for Energy Efficiency Financing (CHEEF) was created by the State of California to create attractive financing options enabling more customers to complete more energy projects with greater savings. The CHEEF oversees the Residential Energy Efficiency Loan Assistance Program. Through REEL, participating lenders can access millions of dollars in Loan Loss Reserve funds for financing qualified residential projects (1-4 units) with better rates, lower fees or more inclusive underwriting criteria.

Additionally, the State has launched a multi-million dollar marketing, education and outreach campaign promoting the availability of special financing for energy projects, like yours. By participating in the REEL Program, you can make these financing products available to your customers and share in the benefits.

Why Should Contractors Participate?

  • Grow project scope and size…and your bottom line.
  • Offer 100% financing to your customers with more attractive rates and terms.
  • Increase deal-flow by reaching new customers.
  • Close more deals by offering financing created especially for energy projects.
  • Access a network of approved lenders to help source potential projects.
  • Join a network of approved contractors and get featured on the statewide websites.
  • Receive up to $7,000 for professionally designed marketing materials and promotional campaigns to advertise your services.
  • Access free training to help your company drive volume and increase project scope.
  • No cost to participate.

Learn More

Join the REEL Program

Step 1: Fill out and submit a Participating Contractor Application along with your proof of insurance to

Step 2: Register and attend a Contractor Training

The CHEEF team will be hosting training events for contractors who wish to participate in the REEL Assistance Program both in-person and via webinar. This training is mandatory for contractors who want to participate in the Program.

Upcoming Trainings

The Training Events Calendar contains information on training for contractors who wish to participate in the REEL Program.

Program Tools

Resources for Enrolled Contractors

Required Project Documentation: Blank Forms to Download

How to Complete Required Forms Instructional Videos

(Please adjust your YouTube settings to view in highest quality)

Sample Project Packages with Completed Forms

The links below show illustrations of sample energy efficiency projects for different customers and how the various scenarios are captured in the required forms.

Marketing and sales resources:

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the REEL Assistance Program, please email CHEEF.