California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission

On-line Registration Instructions

All CDIAC hosted courses will utilize an on-line registration system by ABC Signup. CDIACís webinar Market Update: The Future of Credit Enhancement is the first course that users can register through this new system. The registration system can be accessed from CDIACís Education webpage by selecting any of the Register links for available CDIAC programs. This link will take viewers to a Programming Calendar that lists upcoming CDIAC seminars, webinars, and conferences by calendar month. To register for a CDIAC event, users will need to establish an account (see instructions below). The new registration process enables participants to register for multiple courses at one time and make one payment Ė payment options remain the same. With the new registration system, users may cancel any courses that they are registered to attend before the published deadlines or print certificates of participation after events.

Account Set-Up:

For first-time attendees, click on Register for any of the current events hosted by CDIAC and create a new account.

Returning participants will need to access their current records. Please follow these steps:

  1. Click on Register for any of the current events hosted by CDIAC
  2. Enter current email address (login identification) and enter "password" for the password
  3. Change the default password to your own confidential password
  4. Update the profile information if necessary
  5. Begin viewing CDIACís Programming Calendar and register for upcoming events

Note: Once registered for an event, you will receive an electronic statement and confirmation of your on-line registration from ABC Signup. If registered for a webinar, you will also receive an electronic confirmation that includes a personalized link to the webinar from GoToWebinars.