California Debt Limit Allocation Committee


Program Areas

Federal law limits how much tax-exempt debt a state can issue in a calendar year for Private Projects with a Qualified Public Benefit, with the cap determined by a population-based formula. CDLAC was created to set and allocate California’s annual debt ceiling, and administer the tax-exempt bond program to issue the debt.

Allocation is distributed among six primary program areas:

Additionally, CDLAC allocates, if needed, to the Extra Credit Home Purchase Program, which helps teachers and school staff purchase a home and the Student Loan Program to help students and families pay for their higher education.

Treasurer Tackles California’s Affordable Housing Crisis

Treasurer Tackles California's Affordable Housing Crisis from State Treasurer's Office on Vimeo.

Fast Facts

Year to Date Through May 2016

2016 State Debt Ceiling: $3,914,481,800

Multifamily Housing reservation: $1,700,000,000
Single-family Housing reservation: $800,000,000
Home Improvement and Rehabilitation reservation: $150,000,000
Industrial Development and Small Business reservation: $50,000,000 *
Exempt Facility reservation: $0
Beginning Farmer reservation: $0

2016 Debt Ceiling Allocated, to date:


Multifamily Housing

$232,549,819 (plus $1,805,333,812 in past year carryforward)

  • Total number of residential rental units: 8,035 of which 7,966 will be restricted to households earning 60% or less of the applicable median family income

Single Family Housing


  • Total number of first-time homebuyers: 118

Exempt Facilities


(Water, Pollution Control and Recycling)

For more information, please see the CPCFA website.

Industrial Development and Small Business

* Available through CIDFAC

For more information, please see the CIDFAC website